Parents and students are overwhelmed with the college admissions process. 

Life long decisions about where you will study and at what price are huge obstacles that benefit from outside counsel.

We ethically compel top universities to consider you for generous financial aid.

Driven students will most benefit from our services. If academics are not your strength, schedule an assessment to learn how to make your college or vocation training most affordable for your situation.

If you have struggled academically in the past, you can still make a change.

Upon meeting Kathryn Sosa many students decide to make better choices. They learn how to fully display their efforts with our proven system and jump into action. Extra support helps students and parents confidently prepare for college without being overwhelmed by the process.

Attracting high quality universities and financial aid opportunities naturally is the Exciting High School Journey!

Working with Kathryn Sosa

Students mature and grow into their personalities and characteristics. They culminate their high school years with a personal brand that can be presented to right-fit colleges and for appropriate scholarships. Students and parents communicate as teammates throughout this process to solve problems and make decisions.

The goal is to allow students to practice taking responsibility for their education and actions, so that they will be better prepared to manage their lives and responsibilities when moving away from the comforts and familiarity of family, friends, and community. The students grow into responsible young adults, endeavoring to connect with like-minded peers on a specific college campus.

"So, let’s get together and truly personalize your learning, discover your passions, infuse your preferences into your high school experiences and create an impressive application package worthy of your best-fit college or post high school endeavors."

- Kathy

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